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Product Usage and Treatment


– TITAN21 INTERIOR is an up to 3000°C fire inhibitor product.

– For treatment, TITAN21 INTERIOR can be dry cleaned. Special treatment by TITAN21 MAINTENANCE is highly recommended.

Please contact PT. Sanindo Perkasa Abadi. Call center hotline / sms : +62 31 70000 505

– TITAN21 INTERIOR products are non-toxic and eco friendly, thus usage is very safe.

– TITAN21 INTERIOR products are accompanied with genuine product certificate;

please check for further information.



Product Guarantee Certification


If you need TITAN21 INTERIOR genuine product certificate, please contact PT. Sanindo Perkasa Abadi.

Call center hotline/sms : +62 31 70000 505.



Proses Treatment


Material Testing :

TITAN21 laboratory chooses only high quality cotton material. Those materials have to undergo a series of lab test to ensure the chemical absorption with Randall Hart Technology.
Spraying :

Depending on the material used, various spraying techniques are applied to make sure the material are well protected.
Dipping :

Depending on the material used, dipping technique is done for 6 days with accurate process to enhance the material quality, making it a fire inhibitor media up to 3000°C.
Fogging :

All process previously done are perfected with a drying process with fogging technique to strengthen material performance.
Quality Control :

Thorough Tests and quality control are done to ensure all products you received are in perfect condition.
Packaging :

Packaging is done with safety in mind, but without sacrificing the look.

We proudly present TITAN21 INTERIOR, a safe and eco friendly product for the safety and comfort of your family.


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